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Thanks for the pic. They look amazing together. Think my mind hit the gutter as this pic gives the kinky vibe and not gonna say why but anyway JAC shipper. Originally Posted by hlgreenie View Post. Jo looks amazing there and Mac as per usual looks stunning. They are one very attractive couple. If you do write a fic with them be sure to let me know. I miss these two and I'd love some fics to read.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Go to Page All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name:. Thread Tools. You know? Welcome to the New York Crime Lab. Not our style.

Stella Bonasera - Wikipedia

Jo: Good to know. Mac: Jo, my team does not sacrifice integrity for a desired result. Now that you're part of it, I promise you you'll never have to make that kind of decision again, okay? Mac: You know from experience? Jo: I worked in a burlesque club when I was an undergrad. Mac: As a bartender? We watch as a scientist painstakingly strips the victim. Nothing sexual is seen.

And in flashback we see the fatal attack. Puddles and dribbles of blood are dutifully spotlighted and analyzed. Someone discusses a supposed curse lingering over the building in which 37 people have committed suicide.

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  8. We see the eventual victim scuffle with an angry tourist. Two other people fight. Stuff gets stolen. Drama Crime. Sid Hammerback; A. Paul Asay. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online. We hope this review was both interesting and useful.

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    Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. TV Series Review Want to create your very own hit crime procedural but don't know where to begin? Those famed experts at CBS have now unlocked the step-by-step secrets to ratings success: First, commit a murder virtually, of course. But all the dead bodies count too. And they weigh quite a bit more than the positive ideas do. Positive Elements. Spiritual Content. Sexual Content. Violent Content. Crude or Profane Language.

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    Drug and Alcohol Content. Other Negative Elements. Pro-social Content.

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    Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory. Plot Summary. Christian Beliefs. Other Belief Systems.


    Authority Roles. Discussion Topics. Make the most of today. Scenes from episode 9x15 Seth And Apep can be seen during this episode. Goof : When Jo is processing Theodore Hart's crime scene the victim and the scattered objects on the floor around him are in a different position than when he falls dead in the intro.

    The action in the episode takes place on February 14th, St.

    Mac Taylor

    Valentine's Day, one day before its actual airing date. We get a glimpse into some of the characters celebrating: -Mac gets Christine a card and even though he can't make it to their planned dinner she arranges for them to meet at a nice bar with live music where they slow dance close together. She is fine with that but Flack surprises her with a most carefully planned romantic dinner on a rooftop. The intro for this episode consists of music only without a single line of dialogue to accompany the images.


    Goof : When Mac answers the phone when Christine calls the first time, you can clearly see the cellphone is showing a locked screen instead of an incoming call. The phone didn't really ring at all. Rowena Black's apartment number is and the police code heard over the radio when the vehicles are recovered is 9-Adam, both matching the episode number season 9 episode The title of the episode White Gold refers to mozzarella cheese being smuggled across the Canadian border. The episode title is a play-on-words with the curse of building , the date of the car accident when Jo's sister was killed and the episode airing order.

    There's an urban legend around building since Everett Harrington Wentworth jumped from the penthouse in They say the building was cursed on that very day.