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For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests. Learn more about how Verizon Media collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.

Select 'OK' to allow Verizon Media and our partners to use your data, or 'Manage options' to review our partners and your choices. Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. Before you continue Maybe it's the overall slowing down connected with film that is good for mental health, like slow food.

On top of that, shooting with vintage manual gear requires more skills, in particular because you can't see immediately what you finally get boosts imagination. So people shooting also analogue are maybe more souvereign and self-confident, they don't need to let out any aggressions that toxicate their minds. All true, Picturenaut.

VSCO Suite for Mac OS X

Then again, your post -- a deliberate attempt to aggravate by attacking other people's choices -- suggests that you yourself may lack confidence in your own. As much as enjoy digital; including select created aspects I liked and not cons with film types; if there was really cheap film and processing then I'd be glad to do just film. And get off the digital upgrade bandwagon. But I still say shoot mainly digital and don't forget to do a little bit of film. Used gear at a fraction of the outrageous prices is suggested.

I'm done with over priced crap. I wish you a nice day and always good light for your own work. CarpentersEye: If you develop film by yourself it's not so expensive. It is very rewarding and still magical despite I've seen it many times now how chemical photography works. But every film image needs its time, that's the whole point. If I need quicker results, I shoot digital. Not being able to sync library between devices was the end for me.

Besides Lightroom CC allowing others to create profiles is the way to go. They won't get my money for the desk and I don't edit on mobile systems so it affects me not at all. Hey, you can set Nikon's to portrait mode and tweak the AWB skew about 2 clicks toward Amber and 2 toward Magenta in-cam after taking it or setup P mode from scratch and get Portra looks.

Not on back of camera but calibrated monitor on your computer panel. JekabsBikse Kodachrome in its various varieties was certainly a film of significance.

VSCO for PC/Laptop - Free Download on Windows 7/8//10 & Mac

The only way to get the Kodachrome look now is to recreate its look digitally. We will never be able to buy Kodachrome again. GrahamHO, Kodachrome remains classic, and no existing commercial or free digital preset comes even close to Kodachrome in my opinion, and I have tried many.

Bummer, those were the only products I've purchased from them, and really enjoy using in Lightroom.

Between Adobe and now VSCO ditching their standalone desktop platforms, I'm bummed that the next camera I buy won't be able to use either. RNI makes excellent simulations.

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Odd that they look much different from VSCO's on many of the same films, though who's to say what's accurate when film was so variable to begin with. I must have missed the notice of Lightroom Classic going away.

VSCO Lightroom Presets

Your next camera will most likely still be able to use it. DxO PhotoLab with its FilmPack 5 you only have to pay for updates to the core PhotoLab most of the time FilmPack goes several years between paid updates would probably suit you. Maybe it's too expensive to keep up with the Adobe compatibility? A downside of writing software that's incapable of being used as a stand-alone program That's what I was thinking as well If they make it for one platform, why not another? Sure, they probably sell loads more to folks who are using those filters to play with cell phone images to upload to social media.

I'd think though that having more serious enthusiast and pro users using the product, even though they may be only a small minority is still a market that could make a profit and beyond that it kinds of legitimizes the stuff that they sell. Just like Nikon, Canon and the like sell very few super-high end pro level cameras, the fact that they do make the folks who are buying the lower level gear feel like they own something that's legit It seems like a very odd marketing decision. Too bad the article doesn't have more information about why they decided to do this I'm genuinely curious.

An industry standard like Adobe Photoshop can get away with subscription, not so much smaller companies where users have a wide choice. The whole damn Internet is about to go G'mic didn't work with the major GIMP update a while back. I assume that's been fixed?

I never have stability issues or problems with functions not working in GIM, but it kills me that it can't work with RAW files. I just retested it.

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Compare stable releases. It upgrades when ready. Automatically if you're on a good open system. Even on an inexpensive SSD for the most convenient. And use your best hardware; not your slowest. Oh please. Gimp has several ways to work with Raw files. It never was a problem.

It's called dual apps. And if your deal for some reason is an all-in-one photography program then there's many of those too. But the kitchen sink plugs into Gimp. These combos are do all; nothing else needed. So you can quickly learn one time; the numerous things you can do and where to find them. Oh and Gimp can be full manual to point and click done. So you can still buy existing packages for the desktop but they will not create new presets for the desktop. I wonder just how many new film emulsions are created that would be emulated anyways.

I do not use this product so let me know if I am off base. They have to create a custom profile for every camera that comes out to keep the looks consistent. This is where they're probably deciding that they're not making the ROI they need for the continuing development of profiles. Real Computers, like Real Cameras are a dying business.

There are still very clear advantages for using a PC or mac over a phone or tablet. The biggest advantage is of course the screen real estate. Second would be raw processing power. I batch process quite a few photos and on my 8 core desktop things are much faster than on a macbook air I also use.

My new iPad Pro tablet now has more cores, and I would bet is faster, than your desktop. And so it goes My friend has a macbook 13 inch pro and while that is faster than my set up the screen is just too small for my needs. Yes, because all of us were creating our own film stocks back in the days. The truth is that a preset just gives you a different starting point for your edit, like a film stock would back in the analog film days. I guess you guys dont like to show your own art and earn money.

What will all the "basic white girls" do now when they want to share their Pumpkin Spice Latte with a trendy, black-boosted filter to match their leggings? Sadly, for now I guess we'll still have to live with the greyed-out desaturated greens Maybe it's just brides.

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  8. For any business to thrive it needs constant revenue which translates to subscription business which Adobe and others adopted. They have already done all the work anyway. How could they enforce that though? They're just custom camera profiles and presets. It's not like they can get into your computer and delete the presets. Valid point WickedMaPhoto. I guess if they keep releasing and updating presets there is enough incentive for most people, similar to mobile. Somehow 'workflow' and 'mobile' just don't go together for me, but I guess a lot of people are processing photos on tablets these days.

    Not for me, but whatevs, lol. Subscription models are an atrocious way for corporations to make far, far more profit than they did previously. We're not exactly Adobe's target market. Subscriptions are more predictable for corporations, and for many people, they are actually cheaper. But I am in strong favour of choice with regards to perpetual or subscription, which VSCO is not giving us.

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